Dollars for Students

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Dollars for Students
October 1st - December 31st

Over $19,000 in prize money will be awarded! Vote for your favorite school with your mall receipts beginning October 1st!

Help participating high schools earn cash for programs and needs at their school during Dollars for Students. *Vote for your favorite school by placing your receipts from purchases at Lindale Mall stores and outside mall businesses in the Redemption Boxes in Center Court at the mall. Points are earned for every receipt. The higher the dollar amount of the receipt, the more points a school receives. Each Tuesday, weekly standings will be posted showing where each high school is ranked based on the number of points earned.

 *Outside mall businesses participating are: Arby's * Five Guys Burgers and Fries * Jared the Galleria of Jewelry * Red Lobster Chick-fil-A * Panda Express * Hy-Vee on Collins Rd * JoAnn Fabrics.


Participating High Schools are:
 Alburnett High School
• Anamosa High School
• Cedar Valley Christian School
• Center Point Urbana High School
• Central City High School
• East Buchanan High School
• Edgewood-Colesburg High School
• North Cedar High School
• North Linn High School
• Marion High School
• Springville High School

The participating high schools are competing in one of 3 brackets based on their enrollment size. The brackets are:

Bracket #1:

  1. Marion High School
  2. Center Point-Urbana High School
  3. Anamosa High School

Bracket #2:

  1. North Cedar High School
  2. North Linn High School
  3. Alburnett High School
  4. East Buchanan High School

Bracket #3:

  1. Edgewood-Colesburg High School
  2. Central City High School
  3. Springville High School
  4. Cedar Valley Christian School

 School Standings as of 11/20/2017:

Bracket #1:

1st Place: Anamosa (97,900 Points)

2nd Place: Center Point-Urbana (40,700 Points)

3rd Place: Marion (27,940 Points)


Bracket #2:

1st Place: Alburnett (245,180 Points)

2nd Place: North Linn (57,540 Points)

3rd Place: East Buchanan (16,660 Points)

4th Place: North Cedar (11,740 Points)


Bracket #3:

1st Place: Springville (210,720 Points)

2nd Place: Cedar Valley Christian (62,220 Points)

3rd Place: Central City (44,200 Points)

4th Place: Edgewood-Colesburg (39,460 Points)


Keep up the good work!


Shopping and dining during our Triple Point Weekends will earn your favorite high school even more points. Each $1 spent will be worth triple the points. Make the receipt value of your purchases go farther on the weekends listed below!

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